Brian Small dba All Computer Services in Eureka, CA

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About me:

I have been supporting the industry since 1977. While in the Bay Area, I had a client base of over 400 individuals and businesses, including Levi Strauss in San Francisco, VISA's branch office in San Mateo, and Mills-Memorial Hospital in Millbrae, for whom I built and configured PCs and Servers, installed and supported existing networks, and generally kept the computer side of their businesses running.

Among my Humboldt County clients have been Aalfs Evans & Company, Holly Yashi, U.S. Bank, Six Rivers National Bank (now Tri-Counties Bank), St. Josephs and Jerold Phelps Community Hospitals, Eureka Police Department, Anderson Robinson Starkey Insurance, Shaw Petersen Insurance, several law firms, and a few hundred other businesses and individuals.

Update Oct 2016: I'm now largely retired, but I'm continuing to take on small jobs, because I enjoy the work. If I am not the one to help you, I will make every effort to direct you to someone who can.

Note Oct 2018: I've been going through my "stuff" and building refurbished pcs from the parts I have on my shelves. They are primarily Quad Core pcs, with 500 GB hard drives, great for small business and general home use. They are all running Windows 10 Pro. Note, these are not "gamer" PCs, but they are good, strong units.

Note Feb 2020: I'm still taking in work by request. I am no longer selling refurbished equipment, and have been limiting my involvement (mostly) to virus removal and general pc maintenance; troubleshooting, fixing slow pcs, configuring internet access, and email problems, and the like. However, I'm open to discussion.

If you can't reach me, leave a brief message describing your issue, and I'll get back to you to discuss it to see if I can help you, or, to point you in the right direction.